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Designing electronics with a modern software




Product Design

In electronic design we use current CAD design software and simulation software. We simulate the circuitry we have designed before making prototypes. This is how we make sure our system works and avoid many prototype rounds.

We do both hardware and program design. Generally we design different electronic controls like temperature controllers, motor controls and automation equipment. With challenging multi-processor systems, we also use partners to help us with the program designing. Product features and interfaces are defined and checked together with the client, before we begin to design.

Production Planning

Productivity of the product means developing the product structure in such way, that the product is as easy and quick as possible to manufacture within the production process. As a means to improve productivity, we are already involved with the client at the product design stage and help them find the best options for products and components, in terms of manufacture. In this way we can often increase the automation of products and improve the product lead time. The client will notice this as better product quality, as well as lower manufacturing price.

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