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Manufacturing electronics with years of experience




We have over 15 years of experience in electronics manufacturing. Our quality level is top notch and our manufacturing line is in order. We stack the surface mount components using Siemens SMT placement machines, after which we do reflow soldering in a reflow oven. Leaded components are stack by hand and after that we do wave soldering. Product programming, testing and mechanical assembly are naturally included in our services.

Acquisition of Materials

Usually we purchase all materials needed for production, but if the client so wishes, they can also provide us with some of the materials or all materials themselves.

When we purchase the materials, we use high quality suppliers, who meet the criteria of our quality control system.


Our assembly line adapts to small series and individual deliveries, as well as recurring manufacturing entities.

The manufacturing process of printed circuit boards usually has three steps: Surface mounting process, wave soldering and testing. The trend is to maximise the utilisation of surface mount components, because surface mount process can better take advantage of automation, and especially machine stacking speeds up the process.

Besides the actual circuit board manufacturing, we can also do the mechanical assembly of the product, if needed. 


If needed, all products will undergo a functional testing.

We will build a unique testing system for each product, which will be designed together with the client depending on the product structure and size of the series.

Packaging and Delivery

The products manufactured by us, can be packed into the client’s sales packages, or alternatively they can be delivered to the client on a printed circuit board level. An acceptable packaging method and transport arrangements will be agreed with the client separately each time.

Deliveries can be arranged in scheduled batches. We can also build a prearranged distribution warehouse for the client, and delivery will take place from there at agreed times. For the prearranged warehouses we usually agree on a so called buffer, a certain number of products, below which the stock level must not drop.

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