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ISO 9001 CertificationThe employees at Comprog Electronics are professionals in their field, many of whom have a long career in the industry. Our level of quality is high and we deliver always on time. In special occasions, we let the customer know as soon as possible.

Our yield level has exceeded 99% and the percentage of money back guarantee refunds has been less than 0,2% of our production.

Our manufacturing line is functional and allows an obvious improvement of capacity from the current level.

We design our own equipment and program the microcontrollers. With challenging multi-processor systems, our partners support us with the programming.

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    Comprog Electronics Oy
PL 84, (Kompintie 9)
FI-26101 RAUMA

Tel. +358 2822 6633
Fax +358 2822 6579
Business ID: 0851105-9